Marinated Rump Kebabs – pack of 2


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A deliciously tender beef kebab made tender rump steak marinated in a blend of spices & vegetables

Great on the bbq or pan fried

2 x 100g approx per pack

Peppercorn Allergens: Milk

Black Garlic Allergens: Soybean

Chilli Allergens: Nil

Cowboy Butter Allergens : Milk, Mustard

Salt & Pepper Allergens: Nil

Additional information

Additional information


Peppercorn, Black Garlic, Chilli, Cowboy Butter, Salt & Pepper, Plain

Cooking Instructions

suitable for pan frying or on the bbq.

pan fry turning the skewers regularly until cooked to you liking.

bbq until cooked to your liking turning regularly.