We provide a service and quality that you cannot find anywhere else, buying only the best of Scottish meats from farm to plate. We buy all our produce from vegetables through to meat from local suppliers in around Stonehaven. We strive to offer a service you cannot find anywhere else and a personal touch that isn’t easy to find. Our dedicated staff are also here to help from knowledge on quantity needed or cooking instructions for all of our products in store. Now we want to offer this service with the opportunity of online, allowing us to send our quality across the uk.

Trust isn’t given lightly, Respect has to be earned, and that’s where Charles Mchardy butcher has always excelled, established since 1907 supplying Stonehaven. However due to rising costs, food scares, particularly in the years around the millennium, the rise of chain supermarkets along with a rush towards faster production of meat, saw this once proud and established profession under threat of extinction.

Fortunately butchers are very much still around, although thousands of independent butchers who added much to their local communities, not just through their business, but their often larger than life cheery humour, have disappeared from our streets.

According to the Meat Trades Journal: out of the 22,000 butcher shops in the UK in the mid-1990s fewer than a third (7,100) – were still in business by 2010.

this is the challenging truth of the future of butchery but we excel in offering a personal experience that you wouldn’t find in a supermarket and our quality unmatched. We push to encourage people to shop local and start using our great local shops in our towns and high street. We also like to give back to our surrounding community by donating to local events, clubs and fund-raising events, we do this to help support and keep Stonehaven the great community that it is.